Pulsar: The Ultimate Man of Adventure

And here is a brief moment where my eyes turn into sparkly stars and I make high-pitched giddy noises. Because yet again, The Retroist has reached into the dusty cupboards of my childhood and brushed off a lost treasure.

Pulsar was one of the few Mego-sized figures that I had. And I remember him vividly. I mean, a see-thru chest with heart & lung pumping action is going to make quite an impression on a young lass growing up with epic heroes of Amazonian, gamma, and bionic powers showcased on the television.

The article has some wonderfully retro commercials.

…I wonder what happened to my Pulsar fig. I wonder if he made it to a thrift store or if he is buried somewhere in the yard of my old house, along with IG-88 and a Shogun Warrior. Hmm.