This 3D Printed Pirate Pendant by Shapie bendansie is designed for the young and seafaring at heart:


This 3D Printed Pirate Pendant by Shapie bendansie is designed for the young and seafaring at heart:

Why don’t you explain what sort of magic is in your bucket?

Some things just need to be experienced first hand rather than explained.

Do you raise your eyes to the heavens and pose too?

Of course. It would be a pointless endeavor without the posing.

I can think of no other response, save … <3
I am twofold jealous. I wonder how my cookies stack up against those?

Two different worlds, my dear. Cookies from the homeland are flavored with nostalgia and warm, fuzzy bliss. Whereas your cookies are sinful delights.

Assterpiece Theater #27 - The cheeks of my people


Hello, my lovelies. Now I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t thought too much about this week’s derriere before. I was never much for the fantasy tales of the future and all that, and I only have a bit of a cursory familiarity with the mythos of “Erect Mass” or whatever it is. Hawke does like…

They’re like me. Spongy and soft in the right places, decadently sweet on your tongue, and go right to your hips.

You mean I could waggle $5 at you and get all of that? Intriguing, indeed.

Inspired by last week&#8217;s installment of Assterpiece Theater.

Inspired by last week’s installment of Assterpiece Theater.

Assterpiece Theater #26: Buns of Iron


Greetings, my ducklings. It is once again time to investigate what lies beneath, those hidden inner secrets behind interesting and important people. This week, we will be examining the buttocks of a man I would like to have a drink with. He’s suave, charming, and irrepressibly irresponsible, with an ego the size of a small planet. Unfortunately, we’re discussing his outward appearance, and while he’s quite the dapper fellow in his casual clothing, he is truly armored and guarded beyond all measure.


Of course, my darling onefangirlamongmany. You asked, and so this week, we will be squeezing the buns of iron.


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I want a quest!

My dear pirate queen - if you clicked on me, I would probably mutter something naughty.

Or maybe I would just purr.

Teleportation, phasers, potential destruction on a planetary scale, and what is the actual weapon of choice? A pipe.

Apparently some battles are best won with sweaty, brute strength. And a sturdy pipe.