Things that morning commercials have taught me
  • Only women (and bears) care about toilet paper.
  • "Moms" do all of the grocery shopping.
  • Men are very concerned about gray hair.
  • Women seldom are in the driver’s seat of luxury automobiles.
  • Women appear to be the only people cleaning the shower and the toilet. (Which makes me wonder if men are afraid of the bathroom and bathroom matters altogether - see toilet paper reference above.)
  • Only women can wield the mighty Swiffer dusters.
  • Men will venture into the kitchen to make a “special” meal (and almost never to prep waffles or Hamburger Helper or some other family-oriented meal), and more often than not, some mishap will occur, prompting the woman of the household to become despondent when she arrives home.
  • Lunch time is a special time at chain restaurants.

These observations brought to you by the advertising on major television networks during the early morning hours of 4am to 6am.

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