Anonymous asked: I am disappointed in you.

Well, Anon, I’ve always found that it’s good to keep one’s expectations low. Then you can be pleasantly surprised about things instead of disappointed. This perspective works well with people, and blockbuster movies.

Anonymous asked: Do you hope we see Sten in Inquisition

So here’s where I confess something, Anon (although I probably have said it before) - I didn’t finish all of the quests in Lothering. I’ve only done one playthrough of DA:O, and yeah… I had intended to go back to Lothering and try and get Sten out of his prison, but when I finished up the Urn quest, I found ash and cinders and ruin on my map.

If I ever get around to another DA:O playthrough, I’ll do things differently. (Well, that part, at least.) But sure, I wouldn’t mind encountering him in Inquisition. From what I have read/seen of him on Tumblr and thereabouts, he strikes me as an interesting fellow.


Terracotta model cart, Mesopotamia, dates to the second half of the 3rd millennium BCE.

Animal-shaped pottery vessels mounted on oversized wheels had a long history in the ancient Middle East. This early example has the head of a ram with curving horns. Liquid poured into the hole on top flowed out of the opening in the animal’s snout. A loop on the front allowed the attachment of a cord so that the vessel could be pulled. Such vessels have been excavated in both temples and houses. They were probably used in religious or funerary rituals. 

Courtesy & currently located at the Brooklyn Museum, USA, via their online collections. Accession number: 87.77

Sheryl Crow - Safe and Sound

File this under one more song I was idly listening to when all the ME parallels suddenly hit me. Especially the last whispered line.

I wouldn’t consider myself a Crow fan, but this song ranks high for me, and the live versions of it are amazing.


make me choose, thelightremains asked: bioshock or mass effect

Lucy + Renee on set [X]

Lucy + Renee on set [X]

Yes, I’m looking forward to the lore, the quippish banter, the battles epic and small, with flames from the heavens and steel that can slice through stone. But what I’m excited about most of all with regard to Dragon Age: Inquisition is the presence of the women - coiffed or armored, with eyes untouched by tears or lined by toil. Women bold, witty, compassionate, and powerful.

And yes, women who exude confidence, and all the hallmarks of ego. Women who may cut down their opponents with a blade or a rapid-fire retort. Women who possess traits seen in other women, seen in men, seen in all spectrums of mortal existence.

They may be flawed individuals, but that’s what makes them perfect.


Bubblegum Crisis (1987)


Bubblegum Crisis (1987)